You are driving your vehicle and suddenly you notice that your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) not work properly,

Even if you checked your tires,

Maybe its lifespan is completed.

And you need to replace your tire pressure sensor because of faults in it.

The main reason is that the TPMS light is ON but tire pressure is fine.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tire Pressure Sensor

The simple answer for the cost of replacing a single tire pressure sensor in 2023 is an average of $100-$170 adding labor and balancing costs. The cost of parts is around $50-$100 and the labor cost is around $55-$70 for a single tire pressure sensor.
While the cost of the 4 tire sensor is around $400-$650 including labor and balancing costs. The cost of the parts is around $200-$400 and the labor is around $200-$250 for 4 tire pressure sensors.
It takes almost one hour to replace the single sensor of your tire at the shop.

The above calculation is average but the big brands and big dealers even cost you more than the average.

Also, it always depends on your vehicle and the dealers’ shop. 

If you remaining 3 sensors have a time period above 10 years then you must replace the other 3 sensors of the tires. If not, there is no need of replacing the sensors.

Single sensor change can also work properly after resetting the TPMS.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Yes, there are also include hidden or additional costs in which some costs are necessary while installing the sensor. You must submit also that cost otherwise mechanic will automatically add them to your bill.

Is Tire Maintenance With Direct TPMS Cost More?

Yes, those vehicles that have direct TPMS may cost more than the indirect TPMS or those that don’t have this system. 

This is because it includes many other parts while adding the sensor and there is also a need to reset after installing or replacing the tire.

What Is A Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor (TPMS)?

When a tire is underinflated, it has low pressure in the tire, the yellow symbol that illuminates the dashboard instrument panel tells the tire has low pressure with the help of a tire pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS).

There are more than 11,000 accidents are held every year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration due to low tire pressure in the tire.

How Do Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors Work?

Working for the TPMS is about it measures the rate evolution of each wheel of the vehicle with the help of the sensors.

After measuring from the sensors, those data can compare with the help of an on-computer and give the sign of yellow symbol if the tire has low tire pressure.

Why Do We Need Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors?

As discussed earlier, many car crashes are due to underinflated tires.

To avoid that TPMS technology is introduced which helps to warn you when the tire has low pressure. So, you can immediately take an action and fill the pressure in your tires to avoid any bad incidents or car cash.

How Are TPMS Issues Diagnosed?

You start your vehicle and found that your TPMS light is on, you checked the tire pressure manually with the help of a diagnostic scan tool to test the wheel sensors first.

If you find that your tire pressure is fine with the ideal pressure. 

While the TPMS light is still On for one or two minutes. It will indicate the malfunctions in the TPMS.

Symptoms Of A Bad Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor

The main symptoms of a bad or faulty Tire pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS) are:

Low Tire Pressure In Tires

When tires have low pressure, it is sometimes not indicated to you, your tire is risking low pressure and it can lead to serious injuries with underinflated tires.

TPMS Light ON Illuminates

The lights are On still after some minutes, you checked the tire pressure, which is fine.

Now it is the problem with the TPMS. So must worry about this.

Now, the option is to reset the TPMS otherwise is to replace the TPMS.

Check your TPMS sensor with professionals.

Increased Fuel Economy

With the low tire pressure, you can notice that your consumption are food is increased, this is because the tire has low pressure.

The engine takes more fuel to run the vehicle, and now the load on the vehicle is increased.

Incorrect Warnings

There are some incorrect warnings in the TPMS, and in the engine also, the tire gives different stats. All those warnings will give a sign of faulty TPMS.

Causes Of A Faulty Tire Pressure Sensor

The main cause of the faulty tire pressure sensor is the valve stem. This is a serious problem.

How To Test TPMS Sensor Battery

Corrosion can happen inside the valve stem, and the valve stem is damaged instantly, and as a result, the tire is going flat.

The second reason for failing the TPMS is the batteries. 

The sensor is going over 7 to 10 years. The battery is dead because it lasts about 7-10 years.

After this time of 7-10 years, the sensor should be changed for a car to work properly TPMS.

Best TPMS Sensor

Denso TPMS 315-MHZ Sensor

Denso Brand has an amazing sensor that is inexpensive with the Clamp-in Mounting Type. Their sensor contains a valve system with no need for programming or any tough customization. (VIEW DENSO SENSOR ON AMAZON)

ACDelco GM Original Equipment TPMS Sensor

Sensor from Acdelco is designed to communicate perfectly with your GM vehicle’s TPMS module and enhance the safety of your vehicle along with great quality, and reliability with a good battery that lasts normally 10 years. (VIEW ACDelco SENSOR ON AMAZON)

Autel TPMS MX-Sensor TPS218

Quality sensor from Autel that can be programmable for better customization to replace the old one. Included a good battery that can last over 5 years. (VIEW AUTEL SENSOR ON AMAZON)

Lippert Components Tire LINC TPMS For RVs

The Lippert sensor is amazing that updated its pressure in minutes. Customization is easier and more understandable in this sensor with amazing comfortability and reliability. (VIEW LIPPERT SENSOR ON AMAZON)


High quality sensors from EEZTire have high reliability and high fuel economy. Their alarming system is really cool. This heavy sensor can work amazingly with 26 tires. (VIEW EEZTire SENSOR ON AMAZON)

Can I Drive With A Bad Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor?

NO, driving with a bad TPMS is not recommended. It is very risky to go with a faulty TPMS.

If your TPMS light is on, you must check your tire pressure first with the help of any tool or gauge.

If you check the tire and find the pressure is fine then there are malfunctions with your TPMS.

tpms light on need to tpms sensor replacement

Is It Possible To Repair A Tire Pressure Sensor?

There will be a possible method for repairing the TPMS. Using Fix-a-Flate, but this is not a permanent solution.

The delicate sensor portion of these sensors, which are integrated into the valve stem, is found inside the tire. You will be fix this if your TPMS includes sensors integrated into the cap. Products like Fix-a-Flat cannot harm your sensors in any way.

Why Is My Tire Light On But The Tires Are Fine?

This is because there are malfunctions in the TPMS.

Your tires have enough pressure which is recommended. But TPMS warn light On. If it is still On after some minutes there are problems with the TPMS.

You need to reset the TPMS otherwise you need to check the TPMS with a professional.

Can You Reset The Sensor?

If you figure out that there was a problem with the TPMS.

You definitely checked the tire pressure, but the pressure is fine in the tire. But the light is still On.

There is one way you can reset the TPMS.

Driving the vehicle for 10 minutes with a speed of 50mph will reset your vehicle.

If it is not working then,

Hold the reset button located under the steering for the 10 seconds,

Then drive for 20 minutes,

Which will reset your TPMS.

How Important Is A Sensor To Replace?

If you check the TPMS, tire pressure is ok but there are problems with the TPMS.

Now, you need to replace your sensor, if the sensor is not working or is damaged for any reason.

Stay warm with the underinflated tires in your vehicle and avoid any accident which happens due to the underinflated tire.

Tire Losing Pressure After Rotation

You need to replace the sensor as soon as possible. Because changing the sensor is not expensive and not takes much time.

It totally takes around 1 hour to replace the sensor and costs about $100-$170 depending on many factors.

How Often Do Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors Need Replacement?

Usually, you see the TPMS is not working. And you will take the decision of changing the sensor.

But it is not a good approach. You should watch out, sometimes the TPMS light will off after some minutes after filling the air pressure in it.

Or you can drive for 10 minutes to reset the TPMS.

This is because, usually, the TPMS last 5-10 years. Their battery life is also good and last around 5-10 years.

Some sensors may run this duration and create issues with the TPMS.

In this way, you can check the TPMS with your professional, where you install the tire.

If there were a problem with the TPMS, you will replace the sensor.

Can I Replace A Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor Myself?

Yes, you can!

But it will be difficult for you because changing or replacing the TPMS requires many tools and equipment.

Because the sensor is held between the rim and the tire, you need a tool and knowledge about replacing the sensor.

But on the other hand, you face some other error that the warning lamp is not off, in this way you need a professional scanner,

Who diagnoses the whole TPMS and replaces the TPMS.

So, it can be possible, but it is not recommended.

TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost

Honda TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost

The cost of replacement of the TPMS sensor for Honda is around $100-$130. (VIEW HONDA TPMS ON AMAZON)

The labor cost for the sensor is around $95-$105 and the material cost is around $20-$30.

The total cost will be nearly $100-$120 including the labor and parts and balancing cost.

It also depends on the dealers and brands. Some may cost more than $150 for a single sensor.

Costco TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost

Costco TPMS sensor replacement cost is around $40-$70 for a single tire. Some brands even charge up to $100 and even more.

Genuine Honda charges between $45-$70 for a single tire. It may cost around $300-$400 for 4 tire pressure sensors.

Nissan TPMS Replacement Cost

Nissan TPMS sensor replacement cost is around $100 for a single tire. It includes a $95 labor and $4 price of parts and the price also vary on the location according to your mechanic. (VIEW NISSAN TPMS ON AMAZON)

Mercedes-Benz TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost

The average replacement cost of a Mercedes-Benz TPMS sensor is between $200-$300 for a single sensor.  (VIEW MERCEDES-BENZ TPMS ON AMAZON)

The cost of the labor is around $95-$100 and the parts cost about $100-$200 according to your mechanic and repairpal.

The cost varies from car to car and varies from also location to location so the average price for a single sensor is $200-$300.

Toyota Tire Sensor Replacement Cost

On average, the replacement cost for the Toyota or even Toyota Camry is around $90-$140 for a single tire sensor. (VIEW TOYOTA TPMS ON AMAZON)

There are almost $95 prices for the labor and the $4-$40 price for the parts of the sensor.

Walmart Tire Sensor Replacement Cost

The average cost for a replacement tire pressure sensor at Walmart is around $50-$110 for a single tire sensor.

Around $70 is the price of the parts and the labor is around $20-$40 for a single tire sensor.

Discount Tire TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost

Replacement cost at Discount Tire is about $200-$250 for a single tire sensor.

It takes half an hour to four hours to change the sensor at a Discount Tire depending on the vehicle.

Some good sensors roughly cost up to $750 at Discount Tire.

Firestone TPMS Sensor Replacement Cost

Replacement cost around $40-$70 at Firestone for a single tire. The labor is around $10-$20 and the rest is part of the sensor.

Tire Sensor Battery Replacement Cost

If a battery end and not working properly, maybe battery life is end. And now you wanted to replace the battery for the sensor?

It is better to replace the sensor of the tire which is cost around $85-$110 for a single tire sensor.

Dealing With Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor Issues

There are major issues you can find in TPMS are:

  • TPMS Warn Light is ON
  • Low Tire Pressure is not identified
  • More Fuel Consumption 
  • Not handled properly Your Vehicle

How To Solve Tire Pressure Sensor Faults?

TPMS faults can be solved by resetting the TPMS.

But first, you can check out the whether the tire pressure is fine. Then compare with the dashboard. If the light is still On. You need to reset the TPMS.

  • Drive for 10 minutes at a speed of 50 mph
  • If it is not working then hold the reset button TPMS under the steering wheel
  • Drive for 20 minutes will reset your TPMS.
  • If the TPMS light is still not, you need to replace the sensor or view your TPMS to a professional.

How Long Do Tire Pressure Sensors Last?

Generally, Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) last about 5-10 years.

Sometimes many problems were faced by TPMS. 

If their battery is wet by any condition, this will need replacement of the sensor.

And many other problems may not last the sensor last for 5-10 years.

If your sensor has an age of more than 10 years, then you should change your sensor immediately. 

Conclusion – tPMS sensor replacement cost

The average cost of replacement of TPMS is $100-$170 in recent months. The labor cost includes $55-$70. Some may charge more even $100.

The price of the part is nearly $40-$100 depending upon the vehicle and shop.

A sensor must be replaced after 10 years, and if the TPMS not working properly or their light won’t off, there will be a need for replacement of the sensor of tire pressure.


Is It Worth It To Replace TPMS Sensors?

For the piece of mind and safety sake and to get comfort for your vehicle, it is recommended to replace your TPMS after 10 years.
In case, TPMS becomes faulty before this time, there will be also a need to replace the TPMS sensors.

Can I Replace Just One TPMS Sensor?

Yes. If you find that your one sensor is faulty and the rest of the 3 sensors are fine and under the age of 10 years. Then you can replace your one TPMS sensor only.

Can A Tire Shop Replace TPMS?

Yes, many tire shops replace TPMS sensors.
Some tire shops installed the TPMS, and the majority of tire stores and repair facilities advise servicing the TPMS by changing the valve core, retaining nut, seal, and valve stem cap, followed by testing the system to ensure it is functioning properly.

Can You Replace TPMS Without Removing The Tire?

Yes, replacing the TPMS is possible without removing the tire.
A person who has little skill or experience in this can install a valve stem in 15 minutes.
He can replace the sensor and then reset the TPMS during this time period.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace All 4 TPMS Sensors?

The average cost of replacing 4 TPMS sensors is around $400-$650.
The labor cost is around $200-250 for all tires and the cost of parts is nearly $200-$400 for all tires.

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