Tire Sidewall Damage From Driving On Flat

You take a risk by driving on a flat tire, but unfortunately, some of the components are damaged, you noticed that sidewall of the tire is damaged because of driving with a flat tire or this is happening even with low tire pressure.

Is any solution can available if the sidewall is damaged? Because the sidewall is made of nylon it will be considerably difficult to recover.

Tire Sidewall Damage From Driving On Flat

The simple answer is the sidewall of your tire can’t be repaired when the sidewall is damaged, some temporary methods can be applied, and the best product glue tread sidewall puncture repair kit will be successfully patched on your sidewall tire.

But it is a temporary method, you need to change the tire or shifted to a new tire to avoid any danger.

Driving on a flat tire is even worse for the tire and the vehicle components, it destroys your tire and many vehicle components.

It is always not recommended not to drive on a flat tire, in one possibility if you have an emergency and the danger life will happen with you, then you can drive on a flat tire because your life is more important than the hundreds of dollars.

What Is A Sidewall Tire Damage?

Sidewall tire is the part of the tire that occurs in the sides, and sidewall tire damage is the area that is damaged or any deficiency you faced on the sidewall of the tire is known as sidewall tire damage. 

This damage to the sidewall is a really serious issue, most of the time you need to change the whole tire if the sidewall tire damage is too much due to the reason for complete tire failure.

How Much Tire Sidewall Damage Is Too Much?

There is no reason for having too much sidewall damage is ok or not. When you face that your vehicle’s tire sidewall is damaged, it is difficult to patch that puncture, in case your tire leads to complete failure and you need to change the tire.

The reasons for having sidewall damage are driving on a flat tire or low pressure tire, and even more weight on your vehicle than the ideal weight can lead to sidewall tire damage.

For instance, now trying to avoid overload or driving on low tire pressure can help you to avoid sidewall tire damage.

Is It Safe To Drive On A Tire With Sidewall Damage?

You can drive on a tire whose sidewall is damaged, but it is not safe for anyone, the most common cause of driving on sidewall damage is blowouts.

The blowout can occur at any time, it is due to low pressure in the tire or driving with a flat tire, you and other people on the road will be in danger due to blowouts of the tire if you drive with a sidewall tire damage or driving with the flat tire.

You can still drive on a damaged sidewall if you have an emergency or danger to anyone’s life, but it is not meant that you can drive anytime whenever you have a flat tire or damaged sidewall.

Causes Of A Tire Sidewall Damage

There is a number of reasons which affected the damage of tire sidewall, some of the most important causes of the damaged sidewall are below:


If a tire’s hot inflation is less than 70 percent of the maximum inflation pressure which is written on the sidewall of the tire, which is considerably called an underinflation tire or low tire pressure.

The maximum part of the tire in contact with the road, the sidewall is tried to contact the road and it increases friction and causes an under-inflation tire in very less time while you driving on under inflation tire, it becomes a flat tire which is considerably more dangerous than the underinflation tire.

You need to check your tire pressure once a month at least. Check tire pressure with the help of a gauge that gives an accurate and precise reading of pressure and fills the pressure accordingly.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is a technology that provides information about tire pressure when one or more tires have low pressure than the recommended pressure, the warning light will On and it gives you a sign of having low pressure in the tire.

This technology can be implemented in the 2007 model vehicles, whenever the warning light will On, you need to check immediately the pressure of your tires and fill in the tire pressure if it is necessary.


Due to overload, heat is produced in tires and those overheat can cause a blowout. This blowout is mostly happened due to the failure or damaged sidewall because it becomes less stable and difficult to handle due to more surface of the tire contacting the road.

Thus many accidents occur due to overload vehicles. You need to check the instructions in the owner’s manual for the weight limit of the vehicle and the weight limit for the different tires which can be written on the sidewall.

One possible solution is while more load on your vehicle is to add more pressure to the tire will help you to avoid such kind of problems. 

Tire Wear

Tire wear can happen when one side of the tread block is wearing faster than the other side circumferentially.

Improper or low inflation pressure in the tire and out-of-spec alignment conditions are the two main reasons or causes of having tire wear quickly even in very less time.


Most tires have an age of around 6 years, some can last more than 6 years and some may be failed to survive in this period of time.

You can find your tire’s age in its DOT Identification Number including the age of the tire which the tire can last easily. While last four digits will tell you the week and year in which the tire is made.

Manufacturing Defects

Unfortunately, sometimes there will be faults or defects due to manufacturers. The main defects are the speed rating, even weight limit, and many others that cause a tire to blowouts, damage the sidewall of the tire even complete failure of the tire.

Can You Repair A Sidewall Tire Damage?

Sidewall tire damage cannot be repaired, punctures in the tread area or in the sidewall can’t be repaired, and you need to change your tire of the vehicle.

But some products in the market can also occur which patched the puncture, but it is not a permanent solution, it is a temporary solution, it will patch the tire for a very short period of time depending on the product and the tire condition, and the terrain where you are driving.

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Things To Do To Avoid A Tire Sidewall Blowout

Here are list and a number of items you need to follow if you want to live longer with your tires and avoid any tire blowouts whether it is because of the sidewall or any puncture. Check out some major parts:

Check Tire Pressure

The first thing is checking tire pressure, it is recommended to check the pressure of the tire once a month is necessary if you want to enhance the life of the tires and vehicle components.

The vehicle’s tires give you signs about the performance of your vehicle. If the condition of the tires is bad, the vehicle is considered bad and without the right pressure in your tires will lead to the tire wearing out more fastly than usual.

Is it Ok to Drive with a Bubble in Tire?

Having low pressure in tires or underinflated tires contain many problems or dangers like handling issues you faced while driving the vehicles, crashes and complete failure of the tire means tire blowouts.

Avoid Heavy Road Hazards

Sharp objects like nails, pieces of glass, and potholes on road can mostly hazardous for the road which results in tire failure or tire blowouts, tire puncture, and sometimes tire sidewall damage.

These road hazards are unexpected mostly and you will face tire failure or puncture. But you need to keep attention to road hazards and try to avoid such hazards as much as possible.

Match Tire Load And Speed

Your vehicle needs to match the tire load and speed. You can find the immediate instruction on the tire sidewall. Where you can read your tire speed rating and the load which a tire can handle easily.

Don’t overload your vehicle if its load capacity is low. If you add some quantity of load to your vehicle, you need to add more pressure to your tires. More quantity of load and pressure is harmful to your vehicle.

Don’t Use Old And Worn Tires

Tires have a specific age at which they can survive easily. The good age of the tire is no more than 6 years, some tires stay healthy over the 6 year period.

But with this period of time, your tire is old and you need to change your tires if you want to be away from any danger or hazard.

Sometimes, tires may not last more than 2 or 3 years, this is because to not proper care of the vehicle tire. You need to check the pressure once a month at least and do proper inspecting by the mechanic whenever required.

Have A Technician Inspect Your Tires

You look at the tires by yourself most of the time. But you need to inspect your tires for a technician to check out any punctures, or any damage in the sidewalls like any cuts, scrapes, bulges, or cracks. 

Your technician can also look at the tire tread and inflation pressure of your tires and recommended you all good suggestions for the safety of your tires.

Conclusion: Tire Sidewall Damage From Driving On Flat

You can drive on a flat tire even with sidewall damage, but it is not recommended because it will damage the whole tire and your vehicle components like suspension and steering.

The damaged sidewall tire can’t be repaired permanently, you need to change your tire as soon as possible. For temporary conditions, you can get some products online to fix the sidewall damage.

You should avoid those things by taking care of your tires by checking the tire pressure once a month and trying to not overload your vehicle if you find any odd with your tires, you need to check the tires with the technician.

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